Maintaining Engagement with Your Instagram Followers

The Instagram community is a bubbling creative stew of photographers, illustrators, artists, and designers. But no matter how tasty the broth or how delightful the company, after a while even the most dedicated guest tires of staying in one place.

The basic formula for staying active and engaged with your Instagram followers involves posting updates at least once a week, and engaging with others in the community. Fortunately for you, this is totally doable.

Posting Regularly

A great Instagram habit to develop is a habit of posting regularly. This is not the same as posting photos, generally speaking, as you might shoot a thousand photos in one day, for example. Every time you post a photo on Instagram and it goes live, it’s like it’s your first post again. You’re showing up and making yourself known in your space, and that feels good! But unfortunately that’s not enough, if you actually want people to have a reason to keep following you.

When you buy instagram views, invest your time and energy in creating valuable content and engaging with your existing followers.

Posting Uniquely

It’s not enough, on Instagram, to simply post content. There are bound to be a thousand bloggers, “influencers,” and Instagrammers who post every day. That’s fine (and also normal) if you want to be one of them. But if you want your updates to stand out from the rest of the noise, instead of being a repetition of someone else’s content (or an exact duplication), what you need is your own distinctive voice, and a unique way of presenting yourself.


No matter how much you post, what matters is how engaged you actually are with the other Instagrammers you follow. This means commenting on their posts (and vice versa), sending them messages, replying to their comments, and generally hanging out with them as people in real life.

Finding People You Like

Once you have a group of people you follow (typically a handful of individuals), your main task is to find those whose work you really love and who are truly talented. Then your goal is to reach out to at least a couple every week.

Creating a Schedule

This may sound like it’s not for you, but rest assured, it is. The best way to ensure regularity in your posts is to create a schedule that fits into your day. For example, say you have 5 minutes in the morning before work and 5 minutes in the evening. If you schedule yourself two updates a day, which means you’ll post 10 times per week.