Overview: Items Used at Oasis Day Camp – Dobbs Ferry

Oasis Day Camp in Dobbs Ferry offers a dynamic and enriching summer experience for children, focusing on a wide array of activities to foster creativity, skill development, and social interaction. This overview delves into the diverse range of items used at Oasis Day Camp to create a vibrant and engaging environment for campers.

Camp Essentials:

Arts and Crafts Supplies:

summer camp in Dobbs Ferry, NY provides an extensive selection of art and craft materials, including paints, brushes, paper, beads, and other creative tools. Campers engage in various artistic projects, fostering self-expression and imagination.

Sports Equipment:

The camp boasts a comprehensive collection of sports equipment, ranging from soccer balls and basketballs to tennis rackets and frisbees. Campers participate in organized sports activities to enhance their physical skills and teamwork.

Outdoor Adventure Gear:

To facilitate outdoor exploration, Oasis Day Camp equips campers with items like binoculars, nature guides, and magnifying glasses. This encourages an appreciation for the environment and fosters a sense of curiosity about the natural world.

Water Activities Gear:

With a focus on aquatic fun, the camp provides an assortment of water-related items such as swim goggles, pool noodles, and inflatable water toys. These items enhance the campers’ experience during water-based activities and swimming sessions.

Educational Materials:

Learning Tools:

Oasis Day Camp incorporates educational elements through the use of learning tools such as educational games, puzzles, and interactive activities. These items support the camp’s commitment to a well-rounded and intellectually stimulating experience.

Science Kits:

To nurture scientific curiosity, the camp supplies science kits that include microscopes, magnifying glasses, and simple experiments. Campers engage in hands-on learning experiences, sparking an interest in various scientific disciplines.

Camp Comfort and Safety:

Camp Apparel:

Campers receive designated camp apparel, including t-shirts, hats, and backpacks, fostering a sense of unity and identity. Comfortable and weather-appropriate clothing ensures an enjoyable camp experience.

First Aid Supplies:

Safety is a top priority at Oasis Day Camp, and the camp is equipped with first aid supplies to address minor injuries or health concerns. Trained staff members ensure the well-being of campers throughout their time at camp.

Specialized Equipment:

Performing Arts Gear:

For campers interested in the performing arts, Oasis Day Camp provides a variety of gear such as musical instruments, costumes, and stage props. This facilitates creative expression and participation in theatrical activities.

Tech Tools:

To cater to the tech-savvy interests of some campers, Oasis Day Camp may incorporate items like tablets or computers for specific educational and creative purposes, under supervised and structured contexts.


Summer camp in Dobbs Ferry, NY goes above and beyond in providing a rich and varied collection of items to enhance the camp experience. By offering a diverse range of materials and equipment, the camp aims to create a stimulating and supportive environment where campers can explore their interests, build new skills, and forge lasting friendships.