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How Frequency of Yoga Depends on Your Goals

If you are into yoga, you might actually be thinking about how many times a week you should practice it. While there are no safe limits to doing yoga, you can definitely schedule your sessions according to your goals.

The frequency of your yoga sessions depends entirely on your yoga goals in the long run. Let’s take a look at how different goals can affect your yoga routine. This can definitely help you choose a good yoga routine if you are getting professional training from yoga schools like Marianne Wells Yoga School.

For Beginners

If you have just started practicing yoga, you should focus less on the long term goals, and more on forming a habit of doing yoga regularly. The key here is not true make any unrealistic expectations, and start taking one step at a time to achieve your long-term goals eventually.

You can start practicing yoga even by only doing it on Sundays. You only have to dedicate an hour or so to your yoga practice, and that should be it. However, keep in mind that consistency is more important than the quantity of yoga. For example, doing yoga for an hour every day is more beneficial as compared to doing it for several hours throughout the weekend.

To Lose Weight

In order to start losing weight, you simply have to introduce a calorie deficit in your diet. This simply means you should eat less than you burn per day. This can either be done by eating less, or by exercising more to burn more calories than you eat.

So, the first thing you need to change is your diet, and then you can implement yoga into the equation to start seeing some promising results.

This is how doing yoga can benefit you in different ways.