Business Cards

Luxurious And Eco Friendly Metal Card Ideas

If you want to do any type of blending for your business, getting business cards printed and distributed is a must. However, with billions of business cards already in circulation, you really have to make an effort to introduce unique business cards if you want your potential customers to keep them.

This is where metal business cards come into the equation. Not only these cards are high quality and memorable, they can help save the environment as well.

Let’s take a look at some of the most luxurious and eco-friendly ideas for Metal Kards.

Laser Cutting

Laser cut is one of the most luxurious metal card making methods. This style never gets out of fashion, and precise laser cutting is used to cut all the necessary details on your business card.

If you believe in high quality products, you can translate your resolution to your business cards by getting high quality metal business cards laser cut into unique patterns.

Business Cards Engraving

Engraving your business cards is another great way of making them attractive for your potential customers. Since it is a creative idea, people usually get attracted towards engraved cards, and even collect them.

When getting your cards engraved, you should avoid cluttering it with too many details. Keep things simple by adding only the necessary stuff like your business address and your role.

Golden Colored Business Cards

Golden colored business cards are another good addition to the list of amazing buisness card ideas. Once you print business cards this good, people will start noticing your business immediately, and even start collecting them to call you whenever they feel the need.

You can ask the business card company to even make the metal cards into useful tools like a bottle opener and a few others.