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How to sign up for amazon individual seller account

Amazon has always been among the top sites in the field of e-commerce. The platform has about 300 million registered consumers currently. It is hence a very good opportunity for the individuals, startups, or large companies who want to display, and sell their products. It has a lot of advantages over conventional offline markets. The platform provides an individual seller plan and professional account for the sellers. The features, services and benefits differ from plan to plan.  Individual seller plans are perfect for newbies who want to start small and test their interest in the e-commerce segment. Here is the complete answer for how to sign up for amazon individual seller account. The process is direct and does not take more than 30 minutes to register. In this article, we will be learning about all the steps that you need to follow for signing up for an amazon individual seller account.

Steps for initiating amazon individual seller account:

  1. Information about your legal name, permanent address and business name should be available. Out of this data, only business name for selling purposes are made public by the site. A government-issued ID as a proof of your identity should be available.
  2. Information regarding contact i.e. phone number and email number should be such that you can be contacted at any time without any issue.

  1. Apart from this, an active bank account information in which amazon transactions takes place is must. You will get your payment every 14 days generally.
  2. Tax identity details need to be submitted. It will get verified by the authorities. The complete responsibility to pay tax is yours.
  3. Move to and see the plans available for registration. Click on the “sign up for individual” option. After this step, you will be moved to the seller central account. If you do not have any seller central account, sign it up by filling necessary details.
  4. After logging in, you will get redirected to the place where you need to complete the process by inserting correct and necessary details.
  5. Information regarding citizenship, phone number for verification, business address, and billing details has to be filled. Details of marketplaces and stores are also required.
  6. The last step is the verification process. The authority verifies and checks the details you have submitted. After verification, you will be able to start the use of individual selling account on Amazon.