Does Primex Offer Better Trucking Services?

Primex and Deliveree are two of the most trusted truck rental services, the specialty with two is they both provide one vehicle service, which is using all vehicle capacity to meet your delivery requirements. Each of them has its pros and cons based on which you should be able to judge which of the two is likely to be a better option to go in with.

Features of Primex

One important aspect is always pricing, to understand a better truck provider, you might just go through a price check. Now with Deliveree price checking is a little easier via a price calculator page, on their price calculator page you just have to go to the “instant calculator” button. And their mobile or web application could also be helpful for the same. However, for both, you would be required to select the desired service first of all which is either FTL(full truckload) or LTL(less than truckload) followed by the vehicle type or cargo size, and finally, you would have to specify the pick-up and drop-off location. Delivery has an interesting pricing model, there is always a collection of quotes from various truck vendors for all major routes.  Followed by a bidding affair, where they take the cheapest proposal (bid) for each route, and then they would put that price upon their platform. They refer to this as the “lowest in class” price which is close to the low corporate prices that some companies (the big ones) use when haggling with their regular truck service providers.


As far as the pricing of Primex is concerned, there are many ways to gain a rough understanding of its pricing, you need to go to “homepage them” first to use a feature called rate check. The other option could be by clicking on “contact us” on their website followed by filling a form out, which would further be sent requesting them for a quote request. Make sure that you are specific about your trucking needs, also in case you have doubts related to additional services as well as their charges, just raise them in your query. And lastly, in case you are not sure of the first two options, you can simply send an email to their marketing staff or you may even give a call on the number mentioned on the website, this is likely to work the best.


Both the companies are efficient in their ways, however, it’s wise to research a little before making any decision for that would save you from unnecessary harassment.