All you need to know about pet kangaroo Victoria

Do you want to see some of the natural wonders of the world? Why not travel to Australia and visit some of the country’s most stunning and underappreciated wildlife reserves? More than 25 million people and 50 million kangaroos live in Australia today. These furry creatures can reach a height of 2.8 meters and weigh 50-66 kg. They are Australia’s national symbol and can be found on coins, planes, and stamps.

Kangaroo tours are widely available in many parts of the world. However, join Kanga Tours’ tours at the Gisborne Golf Course in Victoria. You can see them in their natural habitat and even take some photos with them while enjoying a spectacular view of Mount Macedon. 

Why should you choose Kanga Tours?

Kangaroo Encounters by Kanga Tours takes you on a journey of discovery. The guided tours will tell you about pet kangaroo victoria. Take in the beauty of the Gisborne Golf Course, capture some stunning wildlife photos, and learn about Eastern Grey Kangaroos. If you want to photograph the kangaroos during the tours, our volunteers will be happy to help. The Gisborne Golf Club in Victoria is 60 kilometers from Melbourne’s city center.

Large groups, school groups, small groups of international visitors, and even locals can be accommodated by Kanga Tours. Our volunteers will lead each tour for 30 minutes. Every day of the week, at 10:00 a.m., we offer tours. If you have any questions about our kangaroo tours in Victoria, please do not hesitate to contact us.