teeth whitening dentist singapore

How to brighten your smile instantly?

Teeth are one of the hardest substances present in the human body. It is essential for chewing, eating, and talking. Maintaining whiter teeth is one of the arduous tasks in human life. When people eat different varieties of food it gets stained and composed in the teeth. If you do not brush your teeth properly, the stains get settled in your teeth and change the color of your teeth from white to pale yellow.

Color change may reduce the inner confidence of people when they speak. Dentists have found the best dental remedies to get rid of this teeth problem. Teeth whitening process helps people in getting stronger and whiter teeth for a longer time and restoring the original color of the teeth. The teeth whitening dentist singapore provides the best method of treatment to the patients at a highly cost-effective and affordable price.It is a one-time cosmetic procedure that the dentist will perform to provide a fast solution for the teeth’ color.

The teeth whitening dentist first completely analyzes the condition of your teeth and then, they will decide the type of treatment to be offered to the patients. They follow 2 methods of whitening procedure. They are,

  • The first one is chairside whitening treatment and this process will take nearly 1 hour of duration to complete its process. It provides instant effect immediately after the completion of the procedure.
  • The second method is a take-home whitening kit. In this method, they will provide a custom-made whitening tray that fits around your teeth. They will also provide a whitening agent along with it and explain its application procedure. This method will provide effect within 1-2 weeks of usage.