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The newest eat-and-see restaurants in Korea

With only four seats, eaters are urged to devour their meal before it’s ready, eat what they can, and leave. The owner of this ‘anti-eating restaurant’ said he came up with the idea because he wanted to make his eaters eat freely without restriction or hassle. The catch? You have to pay for every minute you sit at the table.

Eaters who would like to eat here take off their shoes upon entering and then enjoy their lunch or dinner while seated on tatami mats or chairs. They’re given menus where they choose dishes that will be cooked fresh in the kitchen.

Now eaters can eat at this 먹튀검증사이트 for about 2,000 won (about $2) per 10 minutes. Eaters should devour their food because a timer will start counting down from 120 seconds once the food is ready to be served. If they don’t finish in time, they can’t take home what’s leftover and have to eat it again the next day. It looks like eaters who want this kind of service have no choice but to stuff themselves or normally eat while seated here because there are strict rules that state that if anyone eats too slowly or try to leave without paying for extra time, an alarm will sound loud and only then may eaters come back into the eat-and-see restaurant.

To eaters, this eat-and-see place is the perfect place to eat comfortably and quickly without feeling tired or sleepy as they enjoy their meal here.

They’re even given the freedom of making the payment by themselves after eating at this eat-and-see restaurant which can easily be classified as a ‘hole in the wall’. The owner said that he decided to start this eat-and-watch restaurant because he wanted eaters who come into his shop to enjoy fresh meals prepared right in front of them by cooking it from scratch. Even eaters think the eat-and-watch concept could become a trend in Korea not only among young adults but also among families with children.

Eat eaters can enjoy a fresh meal prepared in front of them at this ‘hole in the wall’ restaurant where they have to pay for every minute they sit at their table. This catchphrase is an uplifting message to eaters who love eating delicious meals in eat-and eat eat eat eat eat see you.