Pursue a Risk Management Course bizSAFE Level-2 to Ensue Workplace Safety

Risk management cannot be ignored and must be implemented at all workplaces for early detection of workplace hazards, evaluate the risks, and implement the appropriate measures. bizSAFE is a program, recognized nationally, to build capacity to ensure the safety of workplace and health capabilities. You can do a risk management course bizSAFE level-2 for better workplace management.

Why get a bizSAFE level-2 certificate?

Getting a bizSAFE level-2 certificate is helpful as the company is recognized to have a trained champion in risk management who knows the right way to mobilize and facilitate relevant employees while creating a plan for risk management and conduction of risk assessments. This inculcates knowledge and skills to become a risk management champion. It also tells to form a risk management team, monitoring and controlling risks, and then make all the other persons involved aware of the risks by safe and efficient communication. After the completion of this course, the organization is given a WSQ Statement of attainment recognized by the Safety and Health council.

This unit is relevant for the persons in the following areas:

  • Management
  • Health and safety personnel
  • Team leaders
  • Line supervisors
  • Risk management champions

Now that you know who could pursue the course, let’s take a look at the contents of the course in detail:

  • An overview
  • Introduction
  • Expectations from a risk management champion
  • Formation of a risk management team
  • Methodology to identify possible hazards
  • Establishment of risk assessment methods
  • Establishment of risk control measures
  • Developing a risk management plan at the workplace
  • Presenting the plan
  • Effective communication of hazards, possible risks, and implemented risks
  • SGSecure requirements introduction

The risk management champion nominated by the company register via the registration form for the risk management course bizSAFE level-2,and CCIS will contact you regarding the next steps involved. The duration of the course is 2 days or 16 hours. You can contact CCIS for any doubt you might be having at any time.