Kind of maintenance the sunroom require

Adding sunrooms to your home will not only enhance the living room look but will allow you and your family to enjoy nature without any issue for a long time. There are many benefits of add a sunroom in Sacramento, CA but, it needs a regular check to look good for a longer time. The maintenance is depended upon the type of sunroom you have at home. Let us look into some of the common maintenance which is required for almost all the sunrooms.

  • Wash the glass at least twice a year: the most important part of the sunroom is the glasses. In long run, the mirrors will accumulate dust and debris due, to which you will not be able to view the outside view. So to have the bright light from outside you, need to clean the glass with water mixed with a little detergent. Whenever you plan to clean the glass with water first, remove all the dirt and debris. And while the glass is getting installed check with the manufacturer if there is any specific way of cleaning it as all the detergents might not be good for the glass.
  • Clean the gutters every spring and fall: The sunroof glass is not in a slanting position so, all the dust and the leaves which fall on them get accumulated it is better that after the falling of leaves is reduced you remove, and clean the glass.
  • Check the seals once a year: The seals are very important for proper sunlight efficiency. If the seals are damaged then it can moisture can enter the place. So you must check for the damage regularly and if need repair it immediately.
  • Don’t forget the frames: The cleaning of the frames depends on the material used for the frames. Some frames might be cleaned only by using mild detergent and, some may require re-staining like wood frames.


Hope you will remember all the above-mentioned points and do the periodic maintenance of your sunroom to enjoy it for a longer period. If you ignore it then you might have to spend a lot of money on repairing it that no one would like to spend.