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Top Benefits of Using Microsoft Azure for Your Business

We all know that Microsoft is a leading provider of the cloud infrastructure as service & platform as service solutions sold in Azure form. Azure enables you to build as well as manage various apps quickly & easily without buying or maintaining underlying infrastructure. Microsoft Azure’s cloud resources meet various security & compliance requirements whereas being simple to customize for the company’s unique requirements.

Here are some top reasons many businesses are opting for microsoft azure singapore.

Security Feature

Microsoft offers the highly advanced security technology so you are confident that your data will be safely protected. Azure has taken some important steps in ensuring the high security levels within the cloud environment. The Azure environment is protected with the tools like Advanced Threat Analytics, Threat Intelligence, Multi-Factor Authorization and Azure Information Protection. Such technologies help you to analyze various threats in the real time, identify & react to the suspicious user or device activity on the network, and offer highest levels of the access security.


Business requires change with time, no matter whether for the growth and downsizing that makes scalability the core concern for infrastructure-related investment. Azure’s cloud framework enables the organizations to improve their storage space & computing power, ensuring the maximum capacity during the short-term traffic bursts & expansion projects. Microsoft was made to scale with the businesses; it means users will adjust the service deals to prevent any disruption of the high-load apps.

Azure’s core services comprise of:

  • Azure Networking: It allows the organizations to make hybrid computing frameworks, which use public and private cloud infrastructure.
  • Azure Storage: The virtual datacenters offer companies with the agile connectivity & scalable infrastructure, and eliminating need for the on-premises hardware.
  • Azure Compute: It empowers companies to fast provision Linux & Windows virtual machines, and achieves the high availability by autoscaling & supercharges development using the serverless architecture.