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WoW Gold Tips For Farming Reputation

TBC sees the continuation of reputation farming. We used to cultivate incendiaries before moving on to Silithus farming and eventually Undead farming. Back when the TB (Thorium Brotherhood) was a huge deal, we could sell the Incendicite scales for fast cash.

We soon relocated to Silithus. Silithus was the first location where we noticed a significant increase in reputation goods. You may farm the set goods, pages for reputation, or the various drops from elemental spawning. In Silithus, there was so much grinding to be done that you could farm for hours each day and make a fortune in wow tbc gold.

With the release of Naxx, the reputation of the character continued. You’ve finally earned Argent Dawn’s reputation, which may be put to good use buying spectacular items. To get such legendary gear, you had to harvest WPL/EPL drops and then pay them for reputation and insignias. You may exchange the insignias for fantastic stuff.

wow tbc gold

It hasn’t come to an end yet! We’re merely moving on to another topic. The faction lists are as follows:



Expedition Cenarion

The Confederation

Lower Manhattan

Here’s a list of some of the things you can cultivate…

Jaeden’s Mark and Sargeras’ Mark:

These are cultivated and required for Aldor’s reputation. When farming the bottom end, you should concentrate on killing Cabals. Levels 63-65 are the lower-level ones. That may be found at (31,54) in Terokkar Forest. It would be best if you concentrated on WrathWalkers for the Sargeras Marks. Those may be found at (23,38) in Shadowmoon Valley’s “Legion Hold.”

Sunfury Signet and Firewing Signet:

Scryer Reputation may be gained by submitting these. Farming these two is very straightforward. The “Firewing” pack of monsters in Terokkar Forest is the most excellent spot to harvest Firewing Signets. They can be discovered at (70,40). The “Sunfury” pack drops Sunfury signets of mobs. Sunfury monsters are more powerful and may be found in Netherstorm. They can be discovered at (24,66).