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How To Send Fake Text, Read To Know!

Do you want to get text from top Hollywood celebrities? Well, who does not want to make yourself appear like social butterfly? Well, here we are going to tell you how to send text to yourself from the celebrity, yes, you go it right the whole mechanism is about  you send text and it will be shown as you got the message from the celebrity. Now that you are too curious about fake text, let us spill the bean and take you in the magical realm of fake text.

Fake Text AppWhat Fake Text App Do

Fake text is the app that allows you to send text message to oneself and it will look like as you have received the message from the specified person/ celebrity and so on. This is fun app and at the same time it allows you to have fun as well. It is available for I phone user as this super amazing as this allows you to send the text.

Different Features

Although the messaging app is free to use but to make the most as this allow you to have some cool options as  there are certain subscription that you can add to and you can directly land into  the world of full blown fake text.

  • It comes with great subscribe as there is subscription process and you easily subscribe to it, and this is why one must look for the packages that are being offer by the app developer.
  • There are basically different package as this would help you to have better understanding and you can easily check the website
  • Try to know about the different subscription that are offered by them as this would certainly help you to make use of the app to the fullest.

Downloading the app is very easy as it available as this would certainly help you send text as this would give you an edge as you can create social presence so that you can enjoy the life to the fullest.  It is indeed one of the most amazing app that lets you to enjoy with friends.