hookah tobacco

Enjoying The Best Hookah Experience.

Nowadays, you can order hookah in many cafes and restaurants, not only specialized hookah lounges. However, you can enjoy it at home if you have your own hookah. If you just bought one, you need to know how to choose the best hookah tobacco.

Now, if you have tried smoking a hookah before, you know that you need to be aware of how your store your hookah tobacco. You need to care for shisha properly. Otherwise, it will lose its flavor. Pack it properly and store it in a cool, dry place. Before you pack your bowl with shisha, make sure to separate leaf stems as they might give some unpleasant flavors.

Talking about hookah bowls, several types exist on the market. Besides the traditional Turkish bowl, there are phunnel bowls, Syrian bowls. Also, some manufacturers produce smaller versions for individual smoking sessions. Depending on hookah tobacco you are using, you need to pick the hookah bowl accordingly.

hookah tobacco

During a smoking session, make sure that the coals are not burning your shisha. Otherwise, it will affect the taste. Use cold water in your hookah base, so you get a smooth and pleasant smoke.

It might be a challenge to buy all the parts of your hookah separately. Quite a lot of stores sell hookah sets. Typically there is everything, hookah shaft, hookah base, hose, and even hookah bowl in every set. If it’s hard to find at your local smoke shops, try buying it online. There are many options, and with a competitive price, you are likely to find something that fits your budget.