melanotan 2


Most wanted!

          These days, the concept of beauty in the mind of men and women is changing and the beauty industry and the medical discipline are working overtime to cater to this need of the people. One such are of beauty is the skin tone or skin colour. Many people are not satisfied with theoir skin tone and always want to t to look different. There are people who want to achieve a paler skin tone while there are several hwo want to have a darker skin tone which in technically called as tanned skin tone. To help those who want to achieve a tanned look, the medication called melanotan 2 was designed and is still getting improved and the melanotan ii dosage is very important for those who want use the injections properly and with the doctor’s prescription.

Dosage is important:

          The dosage of any medication is the key to achieve the result that is desired. Likewise the dosage of this wonder drug melanotan2 is also very important. The dosage should always be prescribed by a qualified doctor who specializes in dermatology. The right dosage has to be mixed with the distilled water in the right proportion so that the medication is effective. The result can be seen within a few days and it can be administered with a simple insulin needle taking care that the injecting area is cleaned and disinfected with rubbing alcohol on a cotton swab.

melanotan 2

Right from home!

          The medication can be administered right from home and you do not need to approach a doctor for doing so. Many people are using it by themselves and the dosage has to be kept to the point. The medication is very effective and you are able to see the results within a few days. This is even better than the sun bath which takes several days of sun bath to achieve the same results which is achieved with the medication. The result obtained using the melanotan ii dosage is long lasting than the sun tan. This is also considered that it can prevent the effect of the ultraviolet rays from the sun that cause certain conditions.