Know Everything About The Mao Shan Wang Ice Cream

Know Everything About The Mao Shan Wang Ice Cream

We all love having ice-cream all the time. Not only kids but adults too enjoy having all kinds of and all flavors of ice-cream. People often prefer buying all sorts of tasty and flavored ice-creams from shops. Many people also choose to make ice-creams at home using many traditional ice-cream recipes. One such traditional ice-cream recipe happens to be the mao shan wang ice cream recipe. Many people try this tasty ice-cream recipe at home. Anybody can beat the heat with this tasty recipe at home.

Perks of making mao shan wang ice cream

This is a luscious ice-cream that is extremely simple to make. This is because it does not require any complicated process. To make this recipe, you do not need an ice-cream machine to churn the ice-cream. It also does not require constant stirring after putting into the freezer that most ice-cream recipes demand. This recipe is hassle-free and fuss-free. This convenient recipe is such a frozen delicacy that it is silky-smooth.

Ingredients for the mao shan wang ice cream recipe

The most important ingredient required in this mao shan wang ice cream recipe is the strong durian flavor. To temper this strong flavor of durian, cream is used. The cream is another important ingredient that is used in this recipe. Some of the other ingredients used in this recipe are milk, sugar, and eggs. These ingredients are used as per the necessity of the ice-cream amount that you have decided to make. All you need is a good blender that can blend all of these ingredients.