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Ways to protect your bit coins

Bit coin is one of the most difficult currencies that have been put to thieves since the money was created, but like any system, their security can be burst.

We are not questioning Bit coin, on the contrary, we question the human factor. Due to not following a minimum of good security practices, bit coins that have been stolen are counted in almost 1000 million dollars. So it never hurts to prevent.

In fact, anyone who has followed the coin since its inception will know that there have been few, or small, “blows” that have occurred in its short history, and all due to human failures in large points of concentration of bit coins.

online bettingThe big thefts in the bitcoin world

It is important to emphasize that to date there has been no way (even theoretical) to violate the cryptographic security on which 1 btc to usd  is based, which, by the way, is superior to that used by financial systems around the world. Yes! Bitcoin is so secure (cryptographically speaking) that before encountering a failure in Bitcoin, the cryptography used in all the fundamental pillars that currently support humanity would fail: banks, aviation, telephony, international security, …

If you want to know in particular the most famous cases about Bitcoin thefts and other crypto currencies, we have prepared a special post for it:

How to protect my bitcoins

  • Not only having your funds in the purses and accounts of the exchange houses run the risk of losing them.
  • As in the real world, everything in the network is susceptible to being hacked by very well protected that you think it is.
  • However, if you follow these recommendations, you will make it extremely difficult for anyone who intends to seta

Manage your own keys

  • This advice is very basic, but sometimes we forget.
  • You must be very (but very) cautious (and initially distrust) of the online services where you store bit coins, be they of the type they are: purses, exchange houses, bets, …
  • Remember the previous cases of robberies; they all had a very good reputation. Even being trusted sites can be compromised by a criminal. You must understand that the moment you do not have the bit coins they can disappear. So, as far as possible, have your bit coins the minimum time in third hands’.