rpo recruitment

What is the RPO outsourcing contracting process?

This was implemented during the 1970s due to the demand of a temporary executive search firm in relation to a competitive labor market, globalization and an increase in the number of high-tech companies. This competitive environment generated executive search companies that have worked on a large scale for many decades. But these companies have increased the total cost of the company’s hiring process. Over time, companies began to analyze how they can reduce rising labor costs.

rpo recruitmentContracting

Many companies began to study the stages of contracting and, at the same time, they analyzed the difficult task of the whole process that will be subcontracted. Then, in the rpo recruitment market, a foundation for the RPO industry was created. The RPO outsourcing process consists of companies that only buy lists of qualified candidates from RPO providers. In Arpeo Solutions, we perform a search / research function for a specific position, we generate the names of the employees of the competitors and the data of the possible candidates. Companies are provided with such a large database of potential candidates from which they can hire the right candidate.


This type of more interactive hiring helps organizations to create a very profitable and efficient hiring process that guarantees quality and time. In general, most organizations have adopted the concept of subcontracting due to its popularity among personnel management. Several companies from around the world collaborated in the provision of this service, were able to reduce the overall costs of the organizational budget and improve the search for candidates in the competitive recruitment market.