Best Show On TV

No Doubt About It, Game of Thrones Is The Best Show On TV

If you are obsessed with everything GOT or Game of Thrones, you are counted among millions of fans of both the series and the series of books that fuelled the television show. While it offers a distraction and escapes from reality by its fantastical world of magic and dragons and zombies, it does not stop there. The characters seem to leap from the p[ages of the book to the screen as each is portrayed by their actors and actresses. The violence, the sexiness, and the thought-provoking scenes seamlessly blend it into one delicious eye and mind cany cocktail for the meticulous viewer. Below are some of the compelling reason why GOT is considered to be one of the most entertaining tv shows of all time.


The show offers the viewers a world to escape into with its awesomely developed characters and emotional rollercoaster ride that they find themselves into. The show has finished its seventh season and fans are eagerly awaiting to watch game of thrones season 8 to be finally aired and released.

It Is Extremely Well-Written

It could be because it was adapted from a book, or rather the book was brought to life onscreen by the marvels of CGI. The show adapts all of the goings-on in the book into the screen and stays as true to the storyline as possible. This is important especially for the fans who go to great lengths to preserve the “accuracy” of their favorite story and characters. You can see and feel that each episode is very well made and can hold its own against all the others, and each episode reveals plots and twists and surprises that you never get tired of.

game of thrones season 8

The Cast Are Perfect

Not only is the cast perfect and got so deep into their roles that the audience weeps and laughs with them as such is their commitment to their characters that people cannot help but relate to their portrayals. Character development in this tv show is simply at a premium level.

The Right Mix of Violence, Sex, and Moral Dilemma

While it is true that Game of Thrones is a fantastical world, it is not the main attraction of the show but rather the right amounts of violence, sex, and moral problems and dilemma that really makes the show so relatable to viewers. It is very thought-provoking when it comes to tackling taboo issues.

Summing It Up

If you have been putting off watching the game of thrones for some time, do so now and by the time you finish season 7, the final episode would have already come out.