luxury spa ubud bali

Different therapeutic massage at luxury spa Bali

There are different massages that one can have with luxury spa ubud bali and some of which are mentioned below:

luxury spa ubud baliThe Chedi Jade Massage: This is a dynamic style to dissolve the tension that resides in the deep muscles and soothe the spirit. There are two therapists that work in the synchronized movements using best massage techniques that include Balinese, Thai, Lomi-Lomi and Swedish. The price majorly depends on the time duration of the massage therapy for an instance the 60 minutes therapy will cost a person around IDR 1,430,000 while the 90-minute session costs around IDR 2,140,000

The ancient Balinese Massage: this is a kind of traditional Balinese-style massage that includes stretching of, Balinese palming, effleurage and pressure point techniques that are used to relieve the tension, improve the blood flow, calm the mind and ease the stress. For a therapy of 60 minutes, there will be a charge of IDR 890,000 while for a 90 minutes therapy the charges will be IDR 1,340,000.

The Spa therapy can be availed in both the weekdays and includes weekend also with a timing starting from morning 9 and ends at 9 PM with the last appointment at 8 PM.  It is necessary to have an appointment before visiting the place for the spa treatment. The therapist makes sure that a customer gets the best care and the services help in a possible way to remove the stress that has been caused to an area, muscles in particular.