Pros of Computer Simulation

Pros of Computer Simulation

Computers have changed the way we work in the fields of engineering and science. They have revolutionized the operation of machines, manufacturing plants, and electronic circuits and made the job of designers easy.

Computer simulation is also used in physics, chemistry, economics, astrophysics, social science, health care, and medicine. These simulations are implemented by execution of programs of various sizes on machines.

The simulation software, which are available online, provide a dynamic environment for the analysis of various kinds of models, which can be viewed in 3-dimension or 2-dimension.

Here are some of the advantages of computer simulation-

Risk free environment

Designers can use their creativity and skill to design systems in new ways without having to risk anything. Mistakes which arise from simulations can be corrected and optimized systems can be designed. No money or physical material is wasted in this process.

Time saving

Virtual simulation of complex systems consumes less time unlike the construction of real world systems. Changes can be implemented almost immediately without having to change any physical component.

Easy to demonstrate

Computer simulators can be used in demonstrating the system concepts in an easy way. One can dynamically establish the system parameters and also, the relationship between them.

Users can understand the nature of the system and the dynamics of the circuit. The simulation can be slowed down, sped up, stopped, and reversed for better understanding. This feature makes the simulation of complex circuits containing feedback loops easy.

Designing new complex systems

Provides a realistic model

Designing new complex systems is a task that involves huge risks and unpredictability such as time taken for the operation, usage of incorrect components, and many others.

Simulation software help designers to tackle this unpredictable nature of the systems and simulate a realistic model, which can be implemented directly in the industries.

Designing real world systems

Computer simulators allow the users to analyze the efficiency of the design based on a real time system before its actual construction. Hence, the designers can design real world systems while obtaining feedback constantly. They can analyze the design of the system in detail, check its drawbacks, and design it efficiently.

This reduces the overall cost of constructing the system, as there’s no requirement for physically building the system.The simulator evaluates all the possible designs of the system, compares their efficiency, and ranks them based on their efficiency. The behavior of the system is mimicked efficiently.

Multiple levels of abstraction

Computer simulation software allows the designers to analyze the design problem at several different levels of abstraction. The level of complexity is directly proportional to the level of abstraction.

The highest level of abstraction depicts the overall operation of the system. Here, the designer can understand the interactions of all the components within the system and design it to overcome all the drawbacks. The highest level of abstraction simplifies the complexities of the system by hiding all the interior details.

A better understanding of the high-level abstraction helps the designers to choose better low-level components and simulate its verification and performance of the system in less time.

The control flows from the high-level abstraction to low-level abstraction, hence this approach is called as the top-down approach. For example, in electronic circuits, we can consider the resistors, capacitors, control blocks, and arithmetic logic units as the low-level components. These components make up the high-level components/functionalities. Computer simulators such as DesignSpark Mechanical, RPG Maker MV, and SuperPro Designer make our job easy.

These simulators help in rapid prototyping and they are easy to learn as they come with tutorials, videos, and pdfs.Hope that this article helped you to understand the advantages of computer simulation.Thanks for reading!