Things to Consider When Buying a Home Security Camera

Security Camera vs. Surveillance Camera

As we all know that these terms are regularly used as interchangeably, but there is a little difference between the security cameras and the surveillance camera. The main disparity is whether a camera is passive or active- taking this a little further the surveillance cameras is passive, as they observe and record things that are happening around them. Whereas smart home cameras are active, they alert people to an unexpected event happening around them.

 The distinction here can be very subtle or very large depending upon the circumstances of the situation. For example, if surveillance camera sends you a continuous feed to monitor that is constantly viewed by you; it is somehow functioning as a security camera just because you are being notified with the field of view constantly. However, when talking about the smart security cameras- they have the ability to detect inconvenient motions and then send an alert to you or the authorities by using methods like text or emails.

What do you can expect from a smart security camera?

Well, finding the best home security camera comes down to whether it fits right into your requirement or not. Do you need to have a security camera for burglars or are you more interested in keeping an eye on your surroundings to ensure the safety of your loved ones? So, before you dive into the specifications as well as the feature of various types of smart home cameras, take a little time to identify why you want the camera and what purpose you exactly need it for.

If you are concerned about the outdoor security or in keeping your indoors safe security camera with motion alerts might be one of the best choices for you.

Can you use the camera both inside and outside?

Right at the moment, you have decided to have an indoor or outdoor security camera. The outdoor camera needs to survive the changes in weather and must be strong enough to withstand rain and even the high winds along with several factors that you must consider.

Whereas the indoor security camera does not exactly need to be tough when compared to the outdoor ones, but anyhow they should be modest. Several people look for indoor cameras that designed to blend with the home décor. Also, the last thing you need is a high-tech security camera that is what matters the most.

Which area did you want to cover?

The security cameras come with a variable field of view, that refers to how much of the area of your home or yard can be seen at one point in time. Also, this can really make a big impact on the type as well as the number of the security camera in order to ensure the full coverage.

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