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Dimethylaminoethanol Nutrition

Dimethylaminoethanol (DMAE), a natural amino alcohol found in small amounts in the brain, is considered the precursor of choline, which is necessary for the production of acetylcholine.

Acetylcholine is a neurotransmitter with a healthy reaction and the functioning of the nerve signal. As a supplement, does dmae work with gingko biloba and other “smart nutrients”.

DMAE is found in fish, salmon and especially sardines. The human brain supports a small amount of DMAE, which performs several important functions. DMAE protects the integrity of cell membranes, whose deterioration can lead to premature aging.

DMAE comes in the form of creams, capsules and liquid tablets.

More data from DMAE

DMAE is a mood elevator that counteracts depression and low mood, in addition to improving and improving cognitive functions, such as memory and concentration.

It can also treat autism, Alzheimer’s disease, ADHD, memory deficiency, depression and dementia. DMAE can even increase intelligence. These benefits result from the role of DMAE in the production of acetylcholine, a substance responsible for healthy mental functioning.

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The doctors who monitor patients in AMD report that they are more optimistic and have greater visual acuity. Those who regularly take DMAE have reported that sleep is healthier and more energetic when awake.

One of the DMAE has the most promising advantages: if it stops the production of arachidonic acid, which can cause wrinkles and aging of the skin, dmae dosage recommendations promotes a healthy skin. The DMAE used to stop the production of arachidonic acid can be taken orally, as a dietary supplement or as a local cream.

DMAE: What to take care of

Although DMAE does not have a known toxicity and is considered a very safe supplement, it does not have an RDA (recommended daily intake). However, there are some precautions for people with certain conditions.

People with epilepsy or seizures, bipolar depression or Parkinson’s disease, and pregnant or lactating women should not use DMAE without the approval of their doctors.

Uncommon side effects of AMD include gastrointestinal problems, body odor, drowsiness, confusion, high blood pressure, mild depression and persistent irritability.

Tips to buy a quality DMAE supplement

  1. Always buy your GMP-compatible pharmaceutical supplements that meet the strictest manufacturing standards. As the production of food additives in the United States has become largely unregulated, consumers of medical products have only a 20% chance to buy products that contain the ingredients listed on them, indicated on their labels or, which is worse, in those that are not contaminated by harmful toxins. . This is an industry problem and can not be ignored if you want to receive supplements that benefit your health and do not make it worse. Please read this article here to get more information about this.
  1. The production of acetylcholine requires, in addition to DMAE, vitamins B, biotin, folic acid and B6 between them. Therefore, those consumers who desire cognitive improvement, often associated with the DMAE nutrient, should take these nutrients together as part of a complex synergistic formula.
  1. We advise those people who wish to use DMAE for its skin improvement effects, to take it with vitamin C, which, by preventing the production of arachidonic acid, also helps your skin and reduces your chances of premature aging.


Since DMAE acts synergistically with other nutrients, we believe that DMAE should be sought as part of an integral and scientifically balanced formula, and not as a separate supplement. This, as the nutrients work together, will maximize the health benefits of DMAE.