The Steampunk Costume Materials and Accessories

Steampunk fashion came into existence after the Steampunk movement in science fiction. The fashion consists of a mixture of fashion from the Victorian age with neo-futurism. There are no limitations or rules for designing a steampunk costume.

Steampunk Costume Materials

Because the inspiration behind the Steampunk movement is the Victorian era, the costumes are of Victorian style. The costumes are made from materials like lace, velvet, and heavy brocade. The accessories consist of gloves, bustles, ornate hats, granny boots, and extravagant jewellery. Since the fashion is inspired by the 18th and 19th century, the common colours of the Steampunk costumes are brown or black with a hint of deep purple, ruby red, midnight blue, emerald green jewel tones. Another trend creates a vintage circus vibe using stripes.

Steampunk Costume Accessories

A steampunk costume is always incomplete without some additional accessories. The more the accessories, the better the costume looks. The accessories that are included with this costume are:

  • Goggles: the main attraction of a steampunk costume is goggles. You can either buy them from stores or make your own.
  • Top hats: top hats are essential because they come from the Victorian era. You can add feathers that match your costume.
  • Fingerless gloves: fingerless gloves are a great addition, regardless of the materials they are made of.
  • A shawl or cape: a shawl or cape adds a nice romantic touch to your costume.
  • Belts: a wide belt is an essential part of the costume. You can also wear multiple thin belts. These belts can be worn as a shoulder holster, arm strap, leg strap, or a cross body strap.
  • A pocket watch: pocket watch hanging from a chain is an important Victorian accessory. You can hand this watch on one of your many belts and always be updated with the time.

Steampunk costumes are becoming quite popular now. People mostly choose a Victorian theme for their costume or Halloween parties. The best thing about these costumes is that you can design them on your own along with the accessories of your choice. The costume has no limitation in terms of style.