Celebrate your wedding with lion dance

Are you planning for a wedding? Are you not aware of the fact that unique dances can come in so much variety, size and colors? Music and dance are an integral part of weddings and celebrations. Gone are the days of those old boring dance floors. With the advent of new technology, the led dance and DJ services have also evolved. With, LED Lion Dance it is time to say hello to the most sought-after event planning services in Singapore. Be assured that with lion dance you’ll get only the best. Each client is given individual attention and the dance team gets with itself the perfect amalgamation of technical knowledge and experience. If you are looking for the best lion dance for your events, then your search gets a destination at various services offered at this lovely city. Various types of lion dance on hire are available. From the classic glittering black dance floor to the beautiful white, gold and silver LED colors, there are many options to choose from. You can also get dance decals and design prints to suit the theme of your event. The team would be happy to customize the service as per your needs. In general, this lion dance is performed by two people who are in disguise in lion costumes. These amazing lion dance has become the preferred choice of many. An increasing number of clients seem to be fascinated by the idea. You can choose from a wide selection of dances and make your event hip and happening.

 Selection of LED colors

Bright and glistening, these beautiful lion dance adds a glam touch to the event. For a twinkling shining effect choose the white LED, for a classic look choose the amazing gold mirror  and for an evergreen chic look the black LED  would be the best. Event makers can also choose the right models according to their dancing needs. Along with the lion dance, they also perform this dance with less costume by showing their faces to the audience. These amalgamations of dances are preferred by many corporate in order to satisfy their business partners and suppliers. Nightclubs in Singapore offer these lion dances to attract new clients, and these dances add some spice to the regular dances performed by various models. Some clubs use the lion dance to fill the gap between two major dance events for the sake of changing costumes for the later event.